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Icon Unexpected Joy cm(33x38), inch(13x15.3)

Icon Unexpected Joy cm(33x38), inch(13x15.3)
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"Unexpected Joy"
in Kyiv there were six revered icons, two of which were icons of "Unexpected Joy". The more famous icon was located at Kitaevskaya, 27 on Demievka, in the church of the same name. This church was reopened during the Great Patriotic War. Another icon "Unexpected Joy" was in the Vladimir Cathedral. Akathists served in front of the venerated icons in Kyiv, and on Sundays many people came to venerate them. In 1949, the akathist "Unexpected Joy" in the Vladimir Cathedral was served by Metropolitan John and with him from three to five priests. Akathists were read in a singsong voice, and irmos and kontakia were sung. Everyone who wanted to participate in the singing. In 1951, the icon "Unexpected Joy" enjoyed special reverence in Kyiv, and there was no church here, wherever this icon was.

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