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Gift for children "BabyBook"

Gift for children "BabyBook"
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  • Model: Lion-001
  • Weight: 200.00g
  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 20.00cm x 5.00cm

Children adore "BabyBook"! It's not the overconfidence, but a real fact, that parents confirm, whose children are developing with the help of our felt activity book. Kids spend time reading together with their parents with great interest! BabyBook is a book which you can wash. 9 felt pages of a wonderful game measuring 20x20 cm. Accessories of each book can partially differ from the photos.

Most common questions:
What materials are used?
We use only environmentally friendly materials. The basis of the book is felt.
How to Take Care of Your Book
There are several methods of taking care of the book:

1. DRY CLEANING. Remove dust with a scotch tape or a sticky roller for clothes!

2. MOISTURE CLEANING. Remove dirt (minor) with wet wipes (odorless) or a damp sponge;


  • remove all removable parts;
  • rinse the book with soap (without deforming) in water at 30°C;
  • remove excess water from the felt by pressing it between hands (or two towels);
  • Air dry the item horizontally. This may be on a clothes drying rack.
Such simple ways of cleaning books will help you to keep the book for a long time!!!

All the books are handmade. They are checked at the sewing stage and immediately before shipment to the customer

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