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About Us

Workshop (PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY ART3DWOOD LTD - NUMBER 13285409) -  is the result of cooperation of a team of masters from Great Britain and Ukraine. Production facilities are located in Ukraine. In production, only environmentally friendly materials and varnishes are used that are safe for your health.

Our services for you:

- Thread on CNC machine. Woodcarving, plastic, MDF and other similar materials on the cnc machine. All elements of the finished part are sanded mechanically and manually. High quality of works is provided due to quality control of wood and debugging of CNC machine. 

- 3D, 2.5D and 2D models. Development by professional artists of 3D, 2.5D and 2D of exclusive models models for your drawings and photographs.

- Brand booking Professional development of branding elements in electronic form for your business.

- Development and production of furniture Development and production of furniture and fragments with thread elements.

Your ideas are our realization. Do with us, do as we do, do it better!

Yours faithfully,